The Certified Biblical Health Coach program takes you from the foundations in Christian Counseling through Advanced Christian Counseling, equipping you to offer formal counseling through your church or to the public as a ministry. You will learn the different forms of counseling and how to incorporate counseling on a three-fold approach of spirit, soul, and body. Included in this program is our G.O.D.14 class (Getting Off Drugs in 14 weeks). You will learn the dynamics of addiction, that being with substance abuse or addictive lifestyles without drugs and how to help free others from that bondage. 

As a student of the Certified Biblical Health Coach program, you will learn a Biblical approach to caring for the body, mind, and spirit. You will learn the importance of detoxification, Biblical health principals, ways to improve your health, and much more. You will become equipped to guide others on their health journey from a Biblical perspective.

What to Expect

All work is self-paced and on an individual basis. Courses are designed to build upon the student’s accumulated knowledge while also instilling confidence for practical application. Once enrolled in a course, you will have access to all content. You will need the required textbook above to begin your studies. A PDF version of the final exam is available if you prefer to complete your test offline. You will need to submit your answers through this website in order for your test to be graded and the course completed. A grade of 85% is considered passing for each of the open book exams/assignments. 

All programs must be completed within 6 years. The student that does not complete the entire program of study within the time limit may be dropped from active student status and all monies will be lost. Extensions for hardship cases may be applied for in writing. All decisions from the administrative board are final.